Exercise Bike – Which Style To Choose.

Upright exercise bikes are the closest to a standard bicycle, that is the pedals are beneath the rider, and the rider is seated on a narrow seat with the handlebars out in front. This arrangement is welcomed by hardcore cyclists because of the similarity to there normal road bike. Upright bikes simulate the action of a real bike except you don't go anywhere. Some experts say the upright bike is more efective than the recumbent as you tend to put more effort in than the relaxed position of the recumbent.

On the other hand the recumbent bike, has a bucket seat which have the pedals out in front of you. Recumbent exercise bikes delivers an effective cardiovascular workout, yet is incredibly comfortable to use and easy on your joints and back. The recumbent bike provides greater back support and even weight distribution than an upright exercise bike. Both however still give a powerful, effective workout.

One advantage of a recumbent bike, is they allow your hands to be free to hold a book or magazine, video game controller, or phone. Multi-tasking during an exercise bike workout keeps it from becoming boring and allows your workout to more easily fit into a busy schedule, you can cycle whilst watching TV.

Recumbents are ideal for tightening the muscles of the buttocks, the legs, inner thighs and even the abdomen. It helps burn calories and build and strengthen muscles.

A good addition to any exercise bike is a heart rate monitor. Your heart rate is constantly monitored with the help of the hand pulse sensors present in the handlebars. Both styles of bike can have them the recumbent has them by your side and the upright on the handles bars in front of you. The LCD monitor displays your current speed, workout time, distance and calories burnt during the workout. This allows your workout to be more effective, as you train in your optimum training zone, it also eliviates boredom as you can easily very your workout, from fat burning to interval and sprint.

Whichever exercise bike you choose it is a good idea to try them out in the store first, go and get a feel for what you feel comfortable with.

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