How To Lose Belly Fat And Get Abs

Every health conscious individual is constantly searching for a good method to lose belly fat. If you are one of those individuals, then you need to start evaluating all the options you can use to burn stomach fat effectively. The human body has a natural tendency to store fat in the abdominal region. The body's next favorite place for storing fat is the arms and thighs. But most people will agree that the most difficult place to lose fat from is the stomach.

It is easy to find out if there is too much fat around your stomach. Simply take a measuring tape and measure your waistline. Usually women of average height should not have a belly over 34 inches and a man must have a belly size less than 38 inches. If you have measure your belly size and discovered that you need to lose some belly fat, the best solution for you is to chalk up a good diet plan and an exercise routine. Don't let the words 'diet' and exercise scare you. You don't need to starve yourself or sweat for hours at the gym. Making small changes to the foods you eat and starting out with a simple workout plan will help you get started on the journey to reduce stomach fat.

The most effective method of burning belly fat is a bit different for women and men. Genetics plays an important role in deciding whether you are naturally chubby or lean. I am sure you know someone who seems to eat all they want, all day long but still never get fat. However, even if genetics is not on your side, there are many things you can do to decrease your body fat and get back your beautiful shape.

Men have a higher natural tendency to accumulate fat in the stomach area compared to women. The male hormone testosterone plays a significant role in this. Women, on the other hand, tend to store fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs due to the effect of estrogen. After menopause as a woman's estrogen decreases her belly fat tends to increase. Men usually store more stomach fat compared to women, but they can also lose abdominal fat quicker than women by exercising.

Begin by finding out the exact reasons which have caused to have a big belly. Do you have a sweet tooth? Is eating a big bag of potato chips sitting on the couch your favorite hobby on weekends? Is beer your best friend? Every person tends to have some weakness which contributes most to increasing their belly fat. Take a look at all your daily activities and find out what this is for you.

Start paying attention to the foods you like to eat the most. Cut down on fast foods and deep fried items. Make sure to get 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress during daytime, which in turn will cause your body to produce more cortisol. Cortisol causes your body to store more belly fat. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Instead of taking you car every time you go out of your house, walk when you only need to go to nearby locations. Walking is a great exercise for burning belly fat. If you haven't been to the gym in ages, start out by just walking for a few minutes every day. Then you can move on to jogging and light aerobic exercises. This will help your body adjust to the extra demands you will put on it when you start doing proper workouts.

It is not difficult to get a flat and firm midsection if you are willing to make a plan and then follow it daily. Begin with little steps and measure your progress. You will soon find that losing belly fat can be a very exciting and memorable experience.

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