Power Half Hour by Tony Horton Will Give The User Improvement Only in Relation To Proper Nutrition

We have all heard: "You are what you eat."

Perhaps what you might never have heard is that when it comes to working out in any program, your results are determined by what and how you eat.

The world has been taken by storm the last few years by the staggering success of the extreme home workout program P90X. More than 4 million people have seen their physical lives literally revolutionized in 90 days time.

From my own experience as a P90X student and graduate, my ability or inability to stick with a nutrition plan with wholesome and beneficial foods was the number 1 determinant of my satisfaction with my results.

P90X is 13 weeks of hard intense focused work. You simply hate to short change your results. I found from eating right and eating wrong, that the results are totally different depending on which path you choose.

Power Half Hour is a cousin of P90X. It actually predates the mega-popular workout. Power Half Hour is a daily 30 minute workout as opposed to a hour or more in P90X.

Both programs rely on variety, muscle confusion, and fast pace to achieve total body conditioning and maximum results. Power Half Hour is designed to show you results you can feel and see inside by the 6th 30 minute workout.

Another variation is that Power Half Hour is a 60 day program rather than 90.

There is a lot to be excited about with Power Half Hour. The concept of a 30 minute workout giving you results inside a week is enticing for people who either have or haven't tried P90X.

Both are similar in that you must eat right. Both P90X and Power Half Hour come fully equipped with a detailed nutrition plan. The focus within the nutrition plan for each is limiting processed sugars, processed foods and saturated fats.

In fact, studies show that the number 1 key to weight loss is restricting your intake of these foods with or without exercise.

These are not easy habits for us to adopt. Especially in Western countries where these foods are very much a part of the diet we grew up with and are still highly prevalent.

I advocate that people start in on eating better for a few days before they start any workout. When they see how much better they feel and the noticeable weight loss from just eating better, it will likely encourage them to dig in to the workout and eat right while doing it.

The body improvement in Power Half Hour is fail safe. Do what is asked for the 30 minute workout and eat what they tell you to eat. This formula will change your life.

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